Top 10 Video Game Companies In World

In this time, everybody seems busy dealing with daily tasks, office work, and other important things. Sometimes we need to be entertained such as watching TV, reading books, a walk in the park, watching a movie etc. Playing OC games is one of the most preferred tasks done by every age group people to release stress. We have compiled a list of most popular games provides in the world (i.e. a list of top 10 PC Games companies in World)

  1. Nintendo

It is regarded as one of the best game developing companies of the world. It has produced a many software and many of your favorite video game series. The company is known for developing one of the most famous games of the world named “Super Mario”.

  1. UBisoft

A French video game developing company, UBisoft has gained great fame among the users. For past three decades, the company has been developing many top quality video games and have developed few famous games – Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.

  1. Blizzard Entertainment

One of the best name in video game industry it has given many games with new concepts, graphic designing, and effects. Some of the games the company has produced so far – Lost Vikings and Rock n’ R.

  1. Taito

A Japanese company which has gained excessive fame during the early 80s’ The company has developed an uncountable number of games released on video game cassette and later on CDS. The company has also developed mobile games which gained a high number of downloads as they were followed by huge users. Gun Fight, Qixd, Bubble Bobble, The elevator are some of its highly played games.

  1. Activision

Founded in the year 1979, Activision is an American company which worked predominance in the video game publishing. After 2000, the said company is known for developing 3d enhanced games with appreciable graphics which are always an eye catcher to drag down a huge fan following. The games the company developers include Call of Duty, City of Duty, Destiny and much more.

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  1. Konami

Konami entered in the video game development market when it was a cut throat competition. It is due to the efforts of programming team under the said company which had produced a number of games which Silent Hills, Contra, Pro Evolution, Metal gear etc. Konami’s production gains instant heights by one of its popular game Contra which is even today played by a large number of fans, as time passes the company has changed it to an advanced 3d version. It is ranked among the top 10 Video games companies in India and world.

  1. 2K games

2K, as compared to other video game developing companies, is a newly developed firm which has introduced a number of games from past a decade. 2kNBA and 2kWWE are one of the few games which are popular among the fans.

  1. Rarewere

One among the best video games brand in the world, The company is known for developing some of the most classic games such as Donkey Kong 64, Killer Instinct, Wizards and Warriors, Conker’s Bad Fur Day etc. If you are preferring a fighting game, you will be going with Rare company’s production.

  1. Capcom

A Japanese company which has revolutionized fighting games in more and more advanced manner. The graphic interfaces of the characters in games such as Okami, Resident Evil. Street Fighter is quite appreciated and looks like a live environment while playing.

  1. Zynga

Despite being used in the TV and video CDs Zynga is having a long time strong approach towards the social networks. Zynga Poker, Farmville, Empires & Allies, CastleVille are some of the most played games in today’s world. Zynga games are also easily played on the Android, IOS platforms through application and it is quite popular with the users,

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If you would like to add a brand that you consider most appropriate in this ranking list of best Video games brands in India, Please suggest it here