Top 10 Romantic Hollywood Movies

There is a quite large number of audiences which prefer to watch Hollywood movies. If we talk about Hollywood movies, it gives us various plot based on the subject such as thriller, action, drama, comedy etc. One of the most preferred segments among them is a romantic flick which receives an appreciable approach always. So if you are planning to get an information on Hollywood most romantic movies of all time, here we are illustrating the list of Top 10 Romantic Hollywood Movies.

  1. A Walk to Remember

Directed by Adam Shankman, upon release the movie boomed up to be a blockbuster. Based on a novel the movie stars Shane West and Mandy Moore, depicting a love story of two Carolina Teens. It is portrayed with an emotional touch along with its melodious soundtrack. It is often regarded as one of the best romantic movies of Hollywood.

  1. You???ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan performance in the said movie has been adopted as one of the most romantic pairs among the youth section. Directed by Nora Ephron the movie depicts some of the most remembered sequences including bubbly conversations, flicks along with a temper of comedy.

  1. Mr & Mrs Smith

Released on 2005, The movie brings one of the hottest onscreen couples Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for the first time. Though it comes under a comedy action genre, the movie still remembered for an eye-catching pairing of Brandjalina, which generated a sensational romantic saga on screen, thus making it one of the Top 10 Romantic Hollywood Movies.

  1. City Of Angels
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One of the alluring actress Meg Ryan portraying the role of Angel in the movie has set up a huge positive response from the audience as well as from the critics, She has paired up with Nicholes Cage and it is regarded as one the most romantic Hollywood movie of all time. The cinematography and dialogue delivery between the characters were highly noticed by the audiences.

  1. My Best Friend???s Wedding

Julia Roberts is regarded as one of the alluring actresses of Holywood which makes her be a part of one of the most notable romantic Hollywood movies. My Best Friend???s Wedding is a love triangle romantic comedy films in which Roberts co-starred with Cameron Diaz. The movie was a huge hit and highly appreciated by the critics for its appreciable story, comic satire and both of the leading actress strong performance over the screen.

  1. Roman Holiday

Directed and produced by William Wylerm Roman Holiday is having a cult classic status and regarded as one of the finest romantic comedy movies of all time. The movie stars Gregory Pech, which was himself a symbol of romantic youth in that era along with Audrey Hepburn. The movie was a huge hit, collected 12 million dollars and ran almost houseful.

  1. Pretty Women

Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gare, Pretty Women has gained a cult classic status upon release. Directed Garry Marchall has captured the frolic,comical moments between the leading pairs to build up an appreciable plot line dealing with an emotional touch. The movie was a blockbuster and the soundtrack featuring ???Pretty women??? song hit the billboard and even murdered by a large number of a layman.

  1. Notting Hill
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This British romantic comedy movie upon release becomes the highest grossing British Film of that year. Starring Huge Grant and Julia Roberts, the movie deals with a plot line deals with a romantic relationship which initially gets developed between a bookseller and a high profile American actress.

  1. Casablanca

The movie is regarded as one of the top romantic Hollywood movies you must watch. Directed by Michael Curtiz, the movie involve a??lovey-dovey script which is potrated with some of the most ??remembered dialoges of all time.

  1. Titanic

Top 10 Romantic Hollywood Movies

The list of Top 10 Romantic Hollywood Movies will be incomplete without mentioning this movie name. Titanic is not just a movie but it also delivers strong messages to its audience. It depicts an exaggerate love story of Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) along with historical facts about the sink of famous ship RMS Titanic. The movie has won 11 academy awards and gained a cult status once released.