Top 10 Mysterious Photos that can’t be explained

Humans had developed their living standard in a much-advanced manner. Throughout their journey, they had undergone several phases of life which include traffic incidences in the past or what we can history. Through these phases, we have seen some of the incidences which accidence caught the attention through photos, videos or any other mode. As time passes and we are leading towards a developed modernisation still some of these incidences need an explanation. So here we are listing you Top 10 Mysterious Photos that can’t be explained.

10. The Hessdalen Lights

This is an explained mystery. Over Norway, at the outskirts, from the year 1981 to 1984 people begin to examine blinked lighting in a 7.5 Mile long valley. The lights caught the attention of public as they usually blinked on different colours includes White, red and yellow. The observers claimed to sight the lighting 15 to 20 times in a week. Some claimed it as a UFO while some said it’s an iron dust particles.

9. The Babushka Lady

The Babushka Lady is a name given to an unknown lady which appeared on many footage and images captured during the president John F Kennady assassination. The woman, wearing a coat and headscarf, earned the term due to her resemblance to an old lady with a Russian headscarf. In the video footage, she can be seen taking pictures before the assassination was done, after which she got disappeared and never seen thus making her among Top 10 Mysterious Photos that can’t be explained.

8. The hook island sea monster

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Robert Le Serrec along with his wife were enjoying their stay at the coast of Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island when the couple suddenly got encountered with this long tadpole type creature. They captured some snapshots which later on published in several local newspapers, still the creature’s presence remained unexplained.

7. The black night satellite

If you see the above pictures, the first thing blink in your mind is an artificial satellite. But what if you will come to know that this is an unidentified object which is orbiting the earth since 13 thousand years ago? Yes, the black knight satellite was caught reportedly on 1960’s era and during the 1970’s the scientist had received various signals through it.

6. The Solway spaceman

A fireman and part time photographer Jim Templeton was capturing some bright moments he was having with his wife and 5 years old daughter Elizabeth, when suddenly he have noticed some unusual figure behind his daughter, once the photographed got developed. Many theories were invented, making the photo the hottest debate to be discussed, as Jim had clarified that no one was standing behind Elizabeth the time photo was taken resulting it one of the Top 10 Mysterious Photos that can’t be explained.

5. Mysterious light of Mars

Since 2014 some unusual blinked white lights are captured on some pics of Mars, which eventually given rise to a hot debate to be discussed.

4. The extra thumb

When the group of four kids poses for a cool image, they got shocked to know that there was someone behind them. The photo is claimed to be original.

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3. UFO caught at McMinnville

In the year 1950, Paul and Evelyn Tent, local farmers captured this photo near Mcminnville, Oregon, which is one of the mysterious images that needs an explanation.

2. The Phoenix lights

These lights were seen in Arizona skies by many people claiming that these lights forms a pattern or sometimes blinked in a straight line. This is one of the Top 10 most mysterious or creepy photo ever taken.

1. The Time Traveller

When people were busy in capturing the reopening ceremony of South Forks Bridge at Canada, this man caught the attention of public because of his attire. The type of funky jackets, cool sunglasses and most important thing to notice is a modern camera in his hand was one of the biggest mystery.