Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes In The World 2017

Top 10 Attractive/ Hottest Female Athletes In The World

Sports is not only restricted to playing and representing the team. It is also a part hardcore determination and dedication. Though a large number of public demands for a particular sport depend on the subject of attraction. Yes!! That’s right. Glamour world nowadays is getting a barefoot in the sports as the number of female athletes are also engaging in the side business of role modelling as well as entertainment.  We had plucked a list of top 10 Hottest Female Athletes Of The World which makes their fans bewildered about their beauty. Take a glance on this.

10. Ellen Hogg

Ellen hoog pictures

She is a hockey player representing the Dutch nation. She was the part of the team winning the Olympic gold medal twice. Besides the sports ground, she is often remarked as one of the hottest athletes at present. Her photographic image is always a glare to the lakh of fans and followers around the world. She is having a sensational approach for the beauty symbol in the athletic world.

9 .Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight 7


She is an American ice hockey player. She leads her team to win the national championship tournament. Besides her achievements, she is also a catchy image for her stunning looks and adorable wardrobe. There are many US endorsements where you can get her easily as a lead performer symbolising her image as one of the Hottest Female Athletes In The World

8. Antonija Sandric

Antonija misura 8

 She is a Croatian basketball player. She had represented her team in 2012 Summer Olympics.  Sandric had always been listed in of the most beautiful sportswomen because of her attractive looks.

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7. Lindsay Vonn

lindsey vonn pic 4

 She represents the American ice racer. She had won four world cup tournaments and represented as one of the best Ski racers in US Ski Team winning the three titles in a consecutive way. She is a gold medalist in 2010 Olympics. She had attracted her fans and the paparazzi world with her glamorous looks. Her classy personality marked him one of the hottest female athletes in the world

6. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan 6

 She is basically an American Football player. Alex is rewarded with an Olympic Gold medal and also a member of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion team. She is having enticing looks which are truthful enough to draw the eye for admiring her beauty

5 . Marta Menegatti

Marta Menegatti pic

She is an Italian Beach Volleyball basketball and a quarterfinalist of 2012 Summer Olympics. She is also featured as one of the beautiful Olympics athletes with her elegant looks and gallant smile.

4. Michelle Jenneke

michelle jenneke 5


She is an Australian Hurdler with a silver medalist for 100 Meter hurdles at 2010 Summer youth Olympics charming temperament which pulls the attention of media as well as the whole world. She got various modelling assignments which limelight her pre-warm up techniques

3. Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic pic

She is a Serbian professional tennis player who had attained French Open Championship to become the world’s number one tennis player.  She is also a face for the glamour world which fitted her in the red carpet appearances. She is the brand face for various ads and advertisements because of her charming looks

2. Kiira Korpi

kiira korpi 3

She is a skater belongs to Finland. She is the three-time European medalist and five-time national champion. She is listed as one of the most beautiful, attractive Charisma among the female athletes of the world.  A delightful, pleasant nature made her an approachable face for the paparazzi world.

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1. Maria Sharapova

maria sharapova pic

 She is regarded as the most attractive, the hottest athlete in the world.  Her fame doesn’t need any introduction if we link the athlete list with the glamour world. A Russian tennis player who reminds as an alluring princess through which billion of fans and youths got  bewitched. She topped the rank of the highest paid athletes in the World. Maria is currently a part of an enormous list of endorsements doubled her net worth, fame and around the world