Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Hollywood Horror /Scariest Movies Off All Time

The film industry is not only known for the entertainment world but also catching up the real life events and happenings through professionalism world. What do we get from the films? Action, Comedy, Drama, Suspense and for some a slashing experience what we called ‘Horror’. Though the Hollywood is an ocean where you can get horror films like fish, so it is quite difficult to comprise them all in one list, so we are carving out the Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies Of All Time.  We are sure that you must be not seeing them alone which could result in you in sleepless nights. Enjoy:-

10. The Evil Dead (Part 1)

evil dead pic

It is regarded as one of the classical horror movies of Hollywood. It had gained a huge profitable status and was declared a super hit. Starring Bruce Campbell as lead actor, the screams scenes of this movie are enough to turn your head down making it one of the scariest movies along with a tinker of comedy.

9. The Omen

the omen 5

 Richard Donner had presented the horror in such a professional manner that the film had gained a cult status in horror trilogy. Till date this movie ranks as one of the best horror movie of all time. Released ion 1976 this movie had gained huge commercial success including one academy award for Best Original Score

8. Drag Me To Hell

drag me to hell 5

 A supernatural movie which is directed by Sam Raimi. After released in the US the movie was awarded the best horror film of 2009. The film was also highly appreciated by the critics.

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7. The Conjuring (Part 1)

The Conjuring pic

Based on some real incidents, the film deals with some supernatural activities directed by James Wan. This  movie will surely keep you out because of its highly alarming scenes which can make anyone  with scared marks on the face. The movie is one of the recent Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies.

6. Suspiria

Suspiria 3

This movie was highly remarked for its admirable work on the visual effects and cinematography using the colouring features. It had achieved a classic status and regarded as one of the spooky Hollywood movies of all time.

5. The Ring

the ring pic

 A Japanese effort, the movie deals with a plot line circulating around a girl which deals with supernatural activities. This was a remake of a Japanese movie Ring. It was received well positive reviews and one of the top horror movies you must see in your lifetime

4. The Blair Witch Project

the blair witch project picture

This movie is based on a real found footage camera documentary which deals with three students planning for adventures Hiking trip which eventually ends up with some unusual events. This movie is edited, written and directed by Daniel Myrick making it one of the creepy movie you dare to watch alone.

3. The Shinning

the shining pic

This movie starring with one of the renowned Hollywood actors of all time Jack Nicholson is regarded as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. The movie deals with a family hiring a hotel possesses with demon powers. The movie is a mixture of horror, suspense with an over tempering of psycho acting superbly portrait by Nicholson.

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3. Insidious

Insidious 4

An American movie which is directed by James Wan. The movie is a frame with one of the scariest scenes with the story revolving around a couple’s son becoming a subject of a vessel for ghosts with a motive to inhabit his body. Released in 2011, the movie becomes very famous among the youths as well as highly appreciated by the critics, winning several awards and acclamation.

1. The Exorcist

the exorsist

If you are a diehard fan of thriller, horror movies and exploring the e-world for one of the scariest movies of all time, you must be getting this movie name in the top of the list in every search. This movie is the only horror movie nominated for an academy award in the category of Best Film, winning the two. Inspired by some true events occurred within the late 40’s the show is jam-packed with drama, splendid plotline, marvellous acting, and off course the breath taking horror scenes listing it the number one in our list of Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies .