Top 10 Highest Paid South Indian Actors

Top 10 Highest Paid South Indian Actors

South Indian Cinema is considered a far labile cinema. The revered trade had created actors that had achieved worldwide acclamations. Currently, days operating within the south trade could be a  lot of honoured because the actors gained much popularity socially as well as financially. Today we are representing you a list of much demandable and highest paid south Indian Actors

10. Sivakarthikeyan

sivakarthikeyan pic 7

He had gained much popularity as Standup comedian through TV shows before coming in the film industry. Much of his recent films  based on the comedy-drama theme making the audience attracted for his fun and frolic moves. At present, the star charged 3 crores per movie

9. Karthi

karthi pic 4

He had made himself as a well-acclaimed actor of south Indian cinema. He is best known for action films like Alex Pandian, Priyaa and Komban. Most of his films released under his own production home Studio Green. At present the base price for this macho look guy is 6 crore per movie.

8. Ravi Teja

Ravi teja1

 He is known for his hunk and chunk looks. His fans enjoyed watching him as a combination of comedy and action star. He had gained a much acclamation with a signing amount of Rs 7 crore per film

7. Dhanush

dhanush 2

 Dhanush is regarded as one of the finest actors of Telegu cinema. He became a part of many super hit movies including Bollywood Ranjana and Shamitaab. Dhanush base worth for per picture show starts inside 10 crores and sometimes reach even higher

6. Vikram

Vikram pic 1

With an art to represent himself in any kind of role, Vikram had made a huge fan gathering. He is working for over 20 years and still counting his line of success. At present, the actor charges 14 to 15 crore per movie.

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5. Surya

Surya pic2

He had made a dilemma of super hit films and become the most demanding actors among the South Indian cinema. With a number of super hit films like  Ayan, 24, Ghajini and 7aum Arivu , he emerged as a money making machine actor. Currently, Surya’s per movie cost is 20 crore.

4. Ajit Kumar

Ajit pic 1

 Ajit is one of the actors which had established themselves with magnificent acting skills.  With a fond of racing as his personal hobby, our list will be incomplete without mentioning him as one of the 10 highest paid south Indian Actors. At present Ajit per movie salary if 20 to 25 crore

3. Vijay

Vijay pic 6

  Vijay had gained popularity slightly late, but had now known as one of the expensive actor of South Indian Cinema. His recent projects like and the upcoming had signed him as 25 crore per film

2. Kamal Hassan

 one of the sans pareil actors of south Indian cinema. With an uncountable number of awards, Kamal per movie cost the producer an amount of 30 Crores

kamal Hassan pic

1. Rajinikanth

 This name will be no doubt occupy the first position. With the latest projects like Robot, Linga, Kabaali and Robot 2 the star had gained heights of popularity probably highest peak in term of brand value Indian cinema. The veteran actor is paying on a signing about of Rs 65 crore making him even highest paid actors in Asia.

rajnikanth pic 5