Top 10 Beautiful WWE Divas 2017

Top Most Beautiful WWE ??Female Players

WWE is probably one of the most popular sides of entertainment. There are millions of fans around the world which listing themselves as a hardcore fan of this sports entertainment. With a well-approached pre-planned fighting, more importantly, it covers the tempering of glamour world. By the term ???glamour world???, suggests ??that??presence of??engaging??feminine??wrestlers?? which show their skills through professionalism as well as boasting the fashion, glamour, storylines etc to form a huge crowd of audience attract to this sports entertainment industry.?? Here we had collected the names of Top 10 Beautiful WWE Divas at present. ??Take a look

10.??Renee Young

Renee Young 7

Renne is not a wrestler by professional but work as an on Air personality in WWE. ??She got attractive looks, classy personality which is fair enough to draw the attention of the public. She regularly commences interviews and commentary for the presentations of pay per view events like wrest mania, Monday night Raw and much more

9. Lana

lana e

??Lana is a??professional wrestler, model, actress, dancer and singer.?? Her actual name is Catherine Joy CJ Barnyshev. She had won the United States championship and many other titles. She became a signature icon of modelling and thus listed as one of the top hottest female wrestlers of WWE

8. Eva Marie

Eva Marie 2

Natalie Marie Coyle joined the WWE as the ring name Eva Marie in 2013. She is also a fitness model. She had made huge remarks on the fashion world as well as for the fans in WWE through her passionate looks, charming eyes listing her one of the most Beautiful WWE Divas

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Paige pic

She is a newly rising star in WWE. Her speeding type of entrance, mould type of appearance made her one of the attractive divas of WWE. She performs stunts like suplex, sidekick, sprint in such a professional way that the fans?? whistled so lusty way

6. Nayla


Layla is a Canadian professional wrestler who is currently a part of WWE.?? She had made her debut on 2007 and since then she had??continuously??become??a theme??of fashion??and designs??at the side of??the wrestling techniques. There are an enormous number of female fans who follow her on social platform to get inspire for her fashion techniques and the catchy image

??5. Carmella

Carmella pic3

Carmella is an American dancer, model and professional wrestler which is currently working in the smackdown. She had boost up her entity through her first – rate body, flexible movies, swank appearance had made the fans follow her on the various social plate forms. She is among one of the bold WWE ??female player at present.

4. Rosa Mendes

Carmella 2

Another sophisticated, talented, adorable WWE diva who is the best choice for various show stopping events. She is a leading face of reality shows like Total Divas.

3. Maria Kanellis

maria kanellis pic

Kanellis is among one of the powerful as well as a bold and glamorous WWE ??female contender. She is best known for her storyline and dramatic questions which make the audience enjoying watching her

2. Brooke AdamsBrooke Adams pic

??She always caught the attraction of the users through her image. She is an experienced of professional wrestling as well as various modelling assignments through which she had emerged as a leading miniature

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1. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella 8

Our award for the most Beautiful WWE Divas goes to this beauty ace. She??has??all the qualities??that create??her??a lot of??enticing??and approachable as compared to the others wwe divas. She had kept the WWE Diva championship title for a record of 307 days. She is mainly noted??among the fans for the evergreen profession wrestling career??yet??as for??the sweetness??pageant??image