Top 10 Beautiful Women News Anchors In The World

Top 10  Beautiful Women News Anchors/ Broadcaster

The way of representing your thoughts and words to other matters a lot. For a person, it puts up a lot of impression on a way how you make convenient to the listener. It requires a lot of expressions stating what remains known and unknown, become familiar with all methods and techniques and lot of experience.  If you have a quality of representing the message/ news/thoughts in a confident manner, you will be doing good in the broadcasting sector. Today we are writing about Top 10 Beautiful Women News Anchors, who had made the public impressed by their presentation skills as well as looks.

 10. Megan Kelly

megyn kelly 5

She is a versatile news reader with effective skills of speaking and arguing. She actively works for the CNN Headlines News. She is best known for her 3 hours newscast as the prime time and for an adorable clothing style and looks  and attain a remarkable rank as one of the  Beautiful Women News Anchors in the world.

9. Susan Li

Susan Li 5

She is a journalist which primarily works for the CNBC news as a chief reporter.  Susan is regarded as one of the most prolific news anchors in the world. She got the style for expressing her thoughts over the coverage with extra qualities of her looks and smile.

8. Gigi Stone

Gigi Stone 3

She is news broadcaster for American Television ABC news. She hosted various shows and politics gossips along with the presenting the live debates and chats. She often catches the eye for her fresh smile and adorable looks making her one of the  Beautiful Women News Anchors .

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7. Julie Benders

Julie Banderas 3

She covers the news and broadcasting for the Fox report weekend.  She began her career with WLVI- TV which brought her onto a fame spot line through the Fox news Channel. She is regarded s one of the beautiful news anchors in the world

6. Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall 4

She is one of the important pillars of the success of the NBC news. She had hosted several programs dealing with the political agenda, social causes along with the third hour Today Show, giving her career heights of success. Tamron is also listed as one of the beautiful news anchors through several online website polls

5. Rudi Bakhtiar

Rudi Bhaktiyar 2

First Iranian- American TV hosts. She is pretty famous among her fans for delivering the news and hosting the live programs. She had huge fan followings around the world who do not only admire her world but also her beauty and charming

4. Sonia Shenoy

sonia 6

 An emerging media name from Indian news channel, she is a news analyst with CNBC-TV 18. She is a newly youth icon who had emerged as a glorying image in the anchoring world.  Bazar Morning Call, Markets and Macros are some of the popular news channels she hosts for the laymen. She had got catchy image with her adorable and cute looks making her one of the most Beautiful Women News Anchors

3. Robin Meade

Robin 4

 She is a lead news anchor for the HLN”S show. She was rewarded with  Miss Ohio title for her stunning looks, thus making her one of the most attractive news anchor.  She is also blessed with singing talent as she had also released her discography with many hit songs. She also cathead the broadcasting coverage of the noon sessions

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2. Brooke Baldwin

Brooke 2

 A full energetic image as an anchor she had an ability to represent the broadcasting news in a very exceptional way. She is also very eminent personality in terms of attractive looks. She is responsible for delivering the news and broadcasting in a professional way with an image of one of the prettiest female news anchor.

1. Courtney Friel

friel 4

She is the most attractive and stylish female personality in the news broadcasting business. She host KRLA TV in Ls Angeles and previously was a part of KTT/ Fox News Channel. She is having a huge experience of broadcasting and anchoring and running her shows in a successful platform. She  is regarded as one of the top beautiful News Anchor in the world.